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Cosy office lighting

As the days grow shorter and colder, the office seems to get chillier and darker. It’s not your imagination: it’s called the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder. This is the time of year when we’re deprived of sunshine and daylight and this affects our mood. But with some good lighting, you can lift your spirits and banish the blues.

We bring you a selection of lamps to help reduce eyestrain at work, lend a bit of cheer and brighten up the office in the festive season.

So as the sun goes down and the darkness creeps into the office, why not let everyone warm it up with a nice desk lamp. They’ll give the office a warm and cosy glow. Plus here at UK Office Direct, we have some fantastic seasonal lighting offers.

Desk Lamp Hobby Adjustable 40W Reach 350mm H520mm Black

An adjustable lamp with a swivel head, this enables you to position it to best effect, whether you’re working at your desk in the office or at home. Using a 40W bulb, you’ll be able to add warmth and brightness to your desk area without disturbing others around you.

Unilux Sensation LED Desk Lamp with Dimmer Black

This has three asymmetrical LED lenses so the light is spread evenly across the work area. Fun fact for you, did you know that a diode is the size of a fleck of pepper?

Searchlight Electric Reach Desk Lamp 60W Integral Desk Tidy Matt Black Ref L1104BK

A tilt and swivel desk lamp that gives you a great deal of flexibility. It has a desk tidy in the base, for those bits and bobs that could go walkabout.

Unilux First Bowl Uplighter Halogen H1800mm Black

Creating a whiter, brighter light, halogen bulbs make for a well-lit environment and reduce eyestrain. And they can be used with dimmers to control brightness.

Unilux First Articulated Bowl Uplighter Halogen H1860mm Adjustable Arm Black

Very useful if you wish to highlight a particular area, because this tall uplighter has an articulated bowl. Can illuminate a darker corner in the office.

Unilux Varioglass Frosted Glassd Uplighter Fluorescent Circline Bulb 65W Metal Grey/Glass

An elegant addition to any office, this uplighter has a fluorescent bulb and provides direct and indirect lighting, because of its frosted bowl.

Finally, think about using brighter bulbs in the office to give your office more light. If some bulbs need replacing why not choose those with a higher wattage? Of course, you should always check that they are appropriate for your lamps and fittings. Find more lighting offers on our website.

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