Spring Into Storage With Lever Arch Files

With spring upon us, it’s time to sort out your storage.  Lever arch files are a great way to get organised at a low cost, especially with UK Office Direct’s Low Price Guarantee.

While all lever arch files seem like they share similar features – compressor bars that hold papers in place and finger holes to help get files down from shelves – there are some subtle differences between them that might help you narrow down what kind
is right for your office.

Files for the budget conscious »

If you need document storage at a truly cost-conscious price, then look to this lever arch file in a classic ‘cloudy grey’ colour.  If your office or brand is a little more conservative in its outlook – think finance or law – this is the style you want adorning your shelves.

Files for heavy records »

If you want a file you can keep on your desk and refer to regularly, a normal lever arch file will be fine.  But if you need to archive documents  – to have a lot of them in a single place – you’ll want one that’s designed specifically for major storage.

This file has a massive 85mm wide spine, meaning it can hold so much paper that you might need a colleague to help you get it down from a shelf when its fully loaded.

Files that that speed up filing »

Leitz’s WOW range of lever arch files comes with a special 180-degree mechanism, so the prongs open wider than a normal file. This allows you to load more sheets of paper into the file at once, than with a standard lever arch file. Leitz estimates that this makes filing 20% faster. Nifty.

Files for drawings and plans »

Offices that deal with blueprints and technical drawings can often find it difficult to store them easily.  But remember that you’re not limited to A4 size sheets of paper with lever arch files.  With an A3-sized file keep all those important plans safe and even in landscape orientation, so you can refer to them without having to crane your neck.

Files for ancient manuscripts »

Foolscap paper – named after its original watermark of a court jester – has a history dating back to the 15th Century.  The paper was eventually superseded by A4 here in the UK, but it can still be found in older records and archives (or other countries).  If your company has a lot of older documents or works with foreign firms, you’ll need a foolscap-friendly lever arch file.

Files for mucky fingers »

If you’re working in a dusty environment or on a factory floor, then you’ll know that your stationery can easily end up with muck and grime on it.  Not something you want to hand to a colleague when they’re wearing a freshly-ironed shirt. Consider buying a lever arch file that has a plastic or PVC covering.  It’s more durable and you can carefully clean it with a soft, lightly damp cloth.

Files for environmentalists »

More and more companies are going green these days, so if your office has a policy of using eco-friendly products, we can help.  We offer a range of lever arch files that are produced with processes or materials that are kinder to the environment, such as this model that’s made with 100% recycled board.

Files for the undecided »

Finally, if you’re still looking for something a little different, head over to our lever arch files section where you can browse products by brand, size, colour and more.  You’re sure to find something that will look good on your shelf.

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