Stationery Products To Create An Attractive Home Office

Home office desk

Whether it’s on a long-term basis, or a few days a month, many of us now work or pursue a personal project from home. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll have a room set aside, but some of us have to carve out a working niche in the kitchen or living room. Either way, you can create an organised and attractive home office, with some of these desk and filing accessories.


This is always a bugbear, but you can make life simpler by stacking all you need in one place and having it ready to hand.

This storage tower has 5 capacious drawers and the castors make it easy to stash away when not in use. And it’s brightly coloured to boot.

A storage box is a practical option for smaller items, from photographs for your project research to USB sticks, cables or craft tools.

White office desk with computer

Minimal desk with small space for files


Look at your filing needs: do you have documents that are used every day or reference material? There are attractive stationery items that can tidy up your papers.

Each of the 8 drawers in this multicoloured filing stack can hold up to 210 sheets of paper. Think invoices, letterhead or publicity materials.

Give your home office shelves a bit or pizazz with sleek magazine files. They’re durable, ergonomically designed and come in a choice of neon colours.

A magazine rack file offers ample space for A4 and foolscap documents and takes up very little space on your desk. Choose a colour to match your decor.

Try a graded organiser on your desk for those most frequently used files. This one goes up in steps so you don’t have to shuffle around to get your hands on an important note.

Shelving storage home office

Open shelving is a nice way to display books


These will keep papers in place on your desk. Pick them up and go well prepared for any meeting or business engagement sure that no crucial documents will escape.

When you have several small projects on the go, try these board files. They open on two sides and hold up to 50 A4 sheets.

Desktop stationery

It’s one of those items that often find their way to the back of the desk drawer, so why not give it pride of place on the top? This tape dispenser is pretty in pink and has a weighted base so that it won’t slip around.


Next, choose a stapler to match your tape dispenser. It has a patented staple indicator so you know that you need to refill at first glance. It can sit vertically or horizontally on your desk, surely a space-saving feature.

No self-respecting desk is without a block of jewel-coloured sticky notes. They are immensely versatile – notes to self-stuck on a file (or the fridge door when going to take a coffee break). All paper for Post-it notes come from forests where trees are replanted.

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