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Persil Non Bio Powercaps 50 Washes

  • Persil Non Bio Powercaps 50 Washes
  • Persil Non Bio Powercaps 50 Washes
  • Persil Non Bio Powercaps 50 Washes
  • Persil Non Bio Powercaps 50 Washes
  • Persil Non Bio Powercaps 50 Washes


Persil Power Caps Washing Capsules, Fast & Easy Stain Removal With Triple Action Cleaning, Fresh Fragrance, All In One Power Washing Capsules - 50 Washes (Non-Bio)

  • PERSIL TRIPLE ACTION CLEANING POWER CAPSULES : All you need is one single Persil capsule to deliver 3 key benefits - hypoallergenic, cleaning power and long lasting freshness to give your clothes the great wash they deserve. There's no pouring or measuring; instead each laundry capsule is individually packaged with the correct dose of detergent.
  • ALL IN ONE WASHING CAPSULE : Persil powercaps are the latest innovation in Persil washing capsules, created to give you powerful stain removal and expert clothing care in one convenient pre-measured dose. The capsule packet is designed to dissolve in water, so there's no need to rip, tear or pierce the capsule film.
  • EASY & CONVENIENT TO USE : These laundry capsules are a great product for a quick and easy laundry routine. No need for dosing with quick and convenient Persil capsules. Just follow these easy steps to get those great results you desire. These Persil washing capsules will leave the whole family with fresh, clean clothes time and time again.
  • LONG LASTING FRESHNESS : Persil capsules deliver great stain removal for stains like mud and grass, they're also designed to be gentle on skin. You'll find enough capsules in this pack for up to 50 washes per pack. Their advanced formula means that these Persil capsules leave clothes kind next to skin, long lasting freshness for all day clean and fresh clothes.


Brand Persil
Pack Size 1
(£24.54 Incl. VAT )
£ 20.45
2 to 3 business days